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Take Control

Let your garage door work for you.

Most people use garage doors to enter and exit their homes, but few use them intelligently.

Smarten Existing Garages

Make your home work for you - without the cost of expensive components.

eKyro Garage Door Controller integrates with existing garage door openers to give you the functionality of a new garage control unit at a fraction of the cost.

Simple, intuitive installation videos make installing the eKyro Garage Door Controller easy and quick.

Alexa | Google Home
iPhone | Android

You name a device, we probably support it.

The highly-rated "Smart Life" app can be used to integrate the eKyro Garage Door Controller into your home's ecosystem.

With custom commands, you can set your garage to open/close with any commands.
"Alexa, open the west garage"

"Ok Google, I'm going to work"

"Hey Siri, Open my garage door"

Simple Install.

A setup process that is made to be as easy as possible.

Easy Setup.

Setting up your garage door within the SmartLife app is a snap!

Useful Integrations.

Take control of your garage, from anywhere at anytime.

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