Unboxing and Components

See what’s included with the eKyro Garage Door Controller and what each part is used for.

  • Included Documentation
  • WiFi Switching Device
  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Installation Hardware

Step 1: 
Compatibility Check

Adapter now available for previously incompatible openers.

  • Using included compatibility site
  • Using a jumper to determine compatibility (most accurate method)
  • Verify 2.4ghz WiFi available in the garage

Step 2:Β 
Configure eKyro in the app “Smart Life”

We recently updated our Step 2 Video, looking for the old one? Click Here.

0:25 – Download SmartLife
Connection Method 1 (Preferred)
1:10 – Apple iOS Permissions
2:43 – Automatic Device Adding (Autoscan)
5:16 – Android Automatic Device Adding (Autoscan)
Connection Method 2:
6:25 – Adding via “AP Mode”
9:39 – Video Summary

Step 3: 
Connect eKyro to the garage door opener motor

*Be sure to have Step 2 completed before going to Step 3.

  • Plugin eKyro GDO to the wall outlet near the garage door opener motor
  • Verify connectivity in the “Smart Life” app
  • Placing on the garage door opener motor
  • Connecting the control wires to the garage door opener motor
  • Check control functionality with the “Smart Life” app

Connect the eKyro Sensors

  • 0:10 – eKyro Garage Door Opener sensor hardware
  • 0:57 – Placing line holders and wire for sensors
  • 1:18 – Deciding where to place the garage door sensors
  • 2:11 – Attaching the sensors to the wall and garage door
  • 2:40 – Pulling back the cable for a clean look

Scheduling Door Closed Checks

Create a time or times when to check if your garage door is closed.

1:00 – Making the scheduled automation
2:20 – Add condition of checking if the door is open
2:40 – Set to check both time and sensor before closing
3:50 – How to add alerts if the garage is left open
4:20 – Testing the scheduled automation
5:50 – Schedules for multiple openers

Alexa eKyro Setup

0:24 – Verify eKyro GDO is added in “Smart Life”
0:52 – Adding “Smart Life” Skill in the Alexa app
2:00 – Verify eKyro GDO is added to the Alexa App & device name change
3:10 – Setting garage door opener PIN (Required for “Open by voice”)
4:10 – Check garage door status with Alexa
5:20 – Changing garage door names (Multi-door systems)

Google Home eKyro Setup

0:22 – Verify the eKyro Smart Opener is linked in Smart Life
0:58 – Adding Smart Life to the Google Home app
3:05 – Add a PIN within Smart Life to allow for use with the Google Home (required)
3:41 – Clearing the Smart Life cache (required)
4:12 – Changing the device name within Google Home (required)
4:53 – Open/Close/Status check examples with Google Home

Control with Siri and Widgets

0:43 – Widgets (iOS/iPhone)
2:02 – Widgets (Android)
2:56 – Siri Garage Control (iOS/iPhone)
5:53 – Make dedicated Home Screen Buttons (Siri Garage Control step must be completed first)

Troubleshooting the Smart eKyro Garage Door Opener

If your opener is connected correctly but not triggering the opener, it may need an adapter!

0:23 – Incompatible opener adapter now available!
2:17 – Network Connectivity Issues
β—‹ 2:29 How to set rapid blinking
β—‹ 3:38 Incorrect WiFi Password
β—‹ 5:44 Not close enough to router
β—‹ Good setup example
7:16 Smart Life Permission Sharing
9:16 How the switch works and compatibility