Easy install, crazy good for the price

I left the garage door open twice and I don’t live in a great part of town so I decided I wanted to make sure at all times the door was closed. I was sure some options existed for remote opening, or just sensing, but never expected to get a full solution for this cheap.

I got the product an hour ago, and then spent about 30 minutes installing the whole thing. One of the things I really liked is that the sensor is pretty forgiving, it can be almost an inch away and can sense the puck in different orientations, so you can get pretty creative on how you install it on your garage door. The sensor cable itself could be longer: I couldn’t make it all the way to the side of the door where it would have been easier to install but like I said you can get creative and it’ll still work. I was very excited once I turned it all on and I started getting warnings on my phone instantly about the door being open and having the option to close.

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