I had MyQ and worked great for a year because I had a super old garage door opener, I had to replace my opener to a new Genie opener and I tried 3 different smart openers and non of them worked properly and they were all sooo stupid instead of being smart, this was gonna be my last attempt and I got it in and set it up in 10 mins and works flawlessly!!

The app can be a bit better but I’m just so impressed by how easy it was to install it and how good its working. Don’t get fooled by the “cool” look of other brands or random cameras and features, they’re all soooo faulty and non of them operate properly, I’m going to order another one of these for my brothers house.


Door only closing with Alexa?

A PIN needs to be set, but sometimes it's hidden

How To Set PIN when Hidden GIF

Alexa Not Working?

Make sure "Voice Control" is turned on.

Select the Garage Door Opener you're wanting to control with Alexa.
Turn on "Voice Control"