Customer Installations

The eKyro Smart Garage is designed to work with nearly all garage door openers, but, depending on your opener type or garage setup, the installation process can vary. Below are a few examples to showcase how others have successfully implemented the eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener into their own setup.

Nicholas S. – Genie Pro Screw Drice Installation

The installation took less than 15 minutes with no special tools.

The eKyro is attached using the supplied double-sided tape to the garage door unit and was easy to wire. My garage door is very wide so I simply ran the wire down the center door rail and put the sensor in the top center of the door, which works great since the sensor has a large detection reach.

The reason I got the eKyro was because we have sometimes accidentally left the garage door open, or maybe the sensors didn’t let it close and there was no way to know, so I felt very unsafe about it. And now I always know what state the door is in, and can control it remotely if necessary. And with the added automation functions I think this might be the highest value for dollar product I have ever purchased.“

James S – LiftMaster Professional Installation

I’m replacing another smart garage door unit that lost it’s support on Alexa. I chose this largely because it’s connection to Alexa is not an afterthought. I couldn’t find my opener’s model number in the pages of compatible units so I just used the test of shorting the terminals and it worked.

The installation was easy though I’d gone up the learning curve with the previous unit.

Alexa didn’t find the garage door right away so I disabled and then re-enabled the Smart Life skill and it was discovered immediately. The rest was easy.

Works great.”

NK – Marantec 4700 Installation

The fact that my question on compatibility was answered within 5 minutes of posting it on Amazon, gave me confidence that I would get the support needed with any issues with installation. So I went ahead and bought it. I followed the videos to run the compatibility test and confirmed I did NOT require an adapter.

Simple design and should have no effect on your normal garage door operation if the unit happens to fail for some reason. It’s just an AC powered Wi-Fi control unit with a 2-wire relay to trigger the door to open/close and a sensor to detect the state of the door using a corresponding magnetic contact sensor that feeds the state of the door back to the Smart Life app.

I already have other Smart Life devices, but I did get an app update to support this unit. Added the Garage opener to the app with no issue and it was easily found in my Google Home app. With Google Home, I can check the garage door status and tell it to close and open (with PIN). The PIN is set in the Smart Life app under the garage door icon when you hit the button with the “bell” or alert icon -> “Set password”.

The connection to the garage door motor was straightforward and quick. Aligning the open/close sensor and the magnet took some thought and maybe challenging depending on the shape and alignment of your garage door and its opening. I’d say that’s the part that took the most time. The sensor and magnet do NOT require direct contact to correctly sense the close position. Mine are about 2mm apart which ensures no issues when the door opens.

With the app, you can open and close the garage door, set a countdown timer, see a record and timestamp of open and close activities and add timers to open and close the garage door.

JS – Legacy 496CD/B Installation

“Pretty easy to install and setup. The only thing that took a little time was making sure the included magnet sensor was installed just right but that had more to do with my perfectionism. I don’t think you need to install the sensor but I recommend you do so that the app will be able to detect if the door is opened manually without using the opener.”

E.Z.PB – Overhead Door Installation

“Fantastically easy to install and works with Google hub or by itself. The only issue I has was needing to setup a pin to open. Once I did that, it works great! I would recommend for anyone! I bought another name brand before this one that took me hours to get working where this was 2 simple wires and the sensor and it was working.”

Keith – Legacy 696CD/B

“Before I found this product I was looking at replacing my garage door opener with a smart opener. This product is cheaper and it works. The apps with some of the other products had two and three stars and you had to pay for some of them. The smart life app 4.5 stars and free. The smart life app shows you the door position and will notify you when the door is opened and closed. Install takes about an hour including the programming. I recommend using some fork crimps to attach the small stranded wires to the opener.”

Chad L

Great product. Works exactly as described. Installed it in minutes. The online instructional videos were super helpful for the Alexa and Siri functions.

If I ever move I’ll definitely buy another one!