…the best customer support!

Super product, easy installation, great price, peace of mind when away, and the best customer support I’ve experienced in a very long time.

I rarely write a review but this experience was so great that I feel I need to share it in hopes that it will help others. I wish there were more companies like eKyro. I was looking to automate my garage doors along with some lights and cameras around the house and narrowed my choice to a couple of inexpensive garage door controllers from eKyro and another company that had something similar for a few dollars less. Reading reviews they both seemed to do the job but support sounded better with eKyro so I researched both and sent both a question. I had a response from eKyro almost immediately. During my exchanges with them, I received responses as early as 6:45 am and as late at 8:45 pm and even on a Sunday afternoon. They were always very friendly and helpful. I went to their website which has numerous helpful videos and compatibility lists to verify my opener would work. When I was unable to find the model number of my Craftsman from 2001, I sent eKyro the serial numbers and all information I had to see if they could determine its compatibility or whether I’d need the adapter that they will send if needed. Again they responded quickly. They said they couldn’t be 100% certain but believed it was compatible but would send an adapter to make it compatible if needed. They even thanked me for a feature I suggested to their website and said they would add that feature to help others in the future. Additionally, they sent me instructions on how I could easily test it first to see if it’s compatible. Never did they try to push me to purchase anything, focusing only on answering my questions. At that same time, I located my 19-year-old manual which had the model number on it so I checked their website and found that it was indeed compatible. However, I decided to contact them again to ask if they would confirm it for me. Once again they responded quickly and confirmed it is compatible so I immediately ordered a unit from Amazon. These folks were friendly, honest, professional, and knowledgeable and always made me feel important and even followed up again to make sure I had all the information I needed. I was so impressed with them that I went right back to Amazon and ordered a second unit for my other garage door.

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