This seller’s video installation guide is excellent. Watch the videos and you’ll have no trouble doing the install. The only thing I’d add to the video that’s not there is if you’re doing the “jumper” test to determine compatibility, you need to make good solid contact between the terminals on your garage opener for more than a quick moment.

My garage opener needed a second to recognize the signal. So far it works great. The Smart Things app works well and with Alexa, you can open, close, and check the status of the door. I haven’t figured out yet how to work with it in Alexa routines. In the Smart Things app, I’ve set up an automation to close the door every night at 9:30 PM. Still testing how well it works but looks promising.


Door only closing with Alexa?

A PIN needs to be set, but sometimes it's hidden

How To Set PIN when Hidden GIF

Alexa Not Working?

Make sure "Voice Control" is turned on.

Select the Garage Door Opener you're wanting to control with Alexa.
Turn on "Voice Control"